split with thedowngoing

by Detroit

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released October 17, 2013

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Mckeen
Andy R. on the guest vox



all rights reserved


Detroit Edmonton, Alberta

grinding fastcore for angry people.

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Track Name: Slaughterlord
Sell, sell, sell/Can't see past the skrill/Only with their kids in a debeaking machine/ Could these fucks get what is equatable/The stock price on hearts is up/That's where yours fucking went
Track Name: Mutilated HxC Fuckboy
So you fucking won? Played it up, better than us?/ Why you acting like a punk, taking show cash on the low is no stunt/Now you talk shit like robbing us is fun/But you went behind my back so bring it to the front/You're fucking done
Track Name: Shut It Down
Expression of fuck music/We killed melody/Now grind destruction is looking for a double-kill/Trying to stop the fucking jam, how you thinking that?/Shut it down
Track Name: Stop Thinking
Abuse or enjoyment?/It doesn't fucking matter I'll still do it/And that's enough of an answer
Track Name: Dorner//No Settlement
They'll shoot at you to get him/Set the burners on everybody/Just to smoke him out/Just to shut his mouth/No investigation such an obvious case/The public's so fucking stupid they'll get blasted on again
Track Name: Illogical Paradizigm
Infinite growth, limited resources/That's really dumb
Track Name: Speed Up//Turn Up
Play real fast/Get real crunk/Until you can't remember waking up five minutes ago
Track Name: Flippity Flopper
A dog given a human bone doesn't know the difference/Claim to be the shepherds of the moral plane/Fictional ethics,eternal torture/Better or worse than the other as it fits/Never answer for these crimes we invented justice as well
Track Name: Tendency
Two cyclical cultures/Each one's tangents slice the other/Division is the key to moving on/Rejection of nuclear ideals and brainless celebrity greed/Both routed in the same slavery/Capitalism needs uniformity/All the factions fucking suck one name on the ballot